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COIN: To Create or Devise

Coin Media Group was formed to respond to the direct need to teach and produce urban content.

Nielsen's 2021 African American Consumer Report Explores the Influence of Black Culture on Content and Media Trends and the Representation of the Collective Black Community. As Black Americans continue to video stream, listen to radio and podcasts, as well as buy Black, they continue to lead the conversation and stay connected through social media -- having an unprecedented impact on brands and what consumers watch, purchase, and listen to. What these reports fail to understand is that the Black Culture doesn't just mean Black people. It really represents Hip Hop Culture, which is inclusive of many ethnic groups all over the world and as a result Media creation for these groups fall short.

We at Coin Media Group have our fingers on the pulse of  THE CULTURE.

  • Two out of three Black viewers are more likely to watch representative content and buy from brands that advertise in representative content.

  • In 2020, Black Buying Power was at $1.57 Trillion.

  • In 2021, Black viewing power was at 1.06 Trillion.

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We’re based in Pasadena

Coin Media Group focuses on Podcasts and  Film productions aimed at the urban market. 

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It takes the world's best talent to change the game.

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